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Introduction in Finnish

My name is Leena Heinonen and I live in Hämeenkoski. Hämeenkoski is situated in Päijät-Häme, between Lahti and Hämeenlinna. Only hundred kilometres from Helsinki. I have always been interested in dogs and got my first dog at the age of 14, its breed was German shepard. My second dog was also German shepard and I got it seven years later. 1991 I saw a wonderful picture of a lovely puppy in newspaper and I said:

"I want that kind of puppy!"

So, I got my first Eurasier in 1992. It was Leoniitan Carmen, called Sita. She got her first puppies in 1996 and I left one girl puppy home. She was Harahill's Cassandra, called Santtu. I picked up my first male from Belgium, Aruk von Bokina, called Aruk. Puppies of Santtu and Aruk were born in spring 1999 and I left one puppy home again. Her name is Harahill's Eischa, called Essi. In addition of these four Eurasiers I have one German shepard, Xan Xshan's Jette and two cats. Heldalan Ah Shan Sophie "Sohvi" was co-owned with Saija Nupponen and Harahill's Hope "Miska" & Harahill's Inkan are co-owned with Pirkko-Liisa Kovanen. From the G-litter I kept Harahill's Gabriela "Ella", from the J-litter Harahill's Jewel "Eveliina" and from the lastest K-litter Harahill's Kamelia "Peppi". That's my big, hairy family. All dogs and cats are very loved, also all 52 puppies are raised by lots of love.

I like going to dog shows with my dogs and our other hobbies are agility, activation and walking in the forests. I have been in obedience competitions with Sita, Aruk and Jette.

I have been a member of the Finnish Eurasier Club and the Finnish Kennel Club since 1992. I also belong to Salpausselkä Dog Breeders as a rank-and-file member. I have also been a president of Lammi's Dogclub for two years, now I am a vice-chairman. I am qualified as an obedience trainer, so I train other peoples' dogs. I have also passed all breeding courses that are needed and I only use healthy and good-natured dogs in breeding.

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